Enhanced services for your pager or voice mailbox
Change your pager or voicemail access number
Change service from one pager to another
Increase the coverage area of your pager so you can travel and still keep in touch. Statewide Coverage will expand your reach throughout your home state (within covered areas).

Add SMS messaging to your 2way pager. SMS allows you to easily send and receive text from cell phones and other wireless devices without having to use email addresses.

Add Message Carbon Copy feature to your paging service. Every numeric or text message that is sent to your pager is also sent to the email address of your choice, including cell phone and blackberry. Click here to add this feature.

Click here to upgrade to a Toll-free number so that callers can reach your pager from anywhere in the US without paying long distance fees.

Upgrade to Executive Voicemail. If you need more talk time, message capacity, or retention time you can now upgrade to Executive Voicemail.

Add Numeric Retrieval to any existing voicemail or paging service. Play back numeric messages by phone that may have been missed on your pager with Numeric Retrieval

Add an additional Local Access Phone Number to your pager. Choose any local calling area.

Upgrade from numeric paging service to alphanumeric (one-way text) paging service for only $4.00 per month. An alphanumeric pager such as the Axess Story is required.

All of the above services are automatically billed on a monthly basis, and can be added or removed as needed.