Pager Model: Apollo 924
Brand New
Color: Black
Price: FREE
Save $89.95
Includes battery & holster
Apollo 924


12 months prepaid at $11.95 per month (plus tax)
then $11.95/mo. Monthly Subscription

  • One FREE Pager (pictured above) with FREE ACTIVATION
  • 12 months of pre-paid alphanumeric paging service
  • TOTAL INITIAL COST $143.40 plus tax and fees ($157.32 Total Cost)
  • Only $11.95 per month after the first year plus tax and fees ($13.11/mo)
  • A local Telephone Number in the city of your choice allows callers to send numeric messages by phone
  • A free email address allows callers to send text messages to the pager via email
  • SMS allows most cell phone users to text directly to the pager number
  • Unlimited free usage of Send-A-Page. Our on-line text messaging service.
  • Statewide coverage or greater (depending on region)
  • Unlimited numeric and alphanumeric pages - NO USAGE FEES!
  • Free Voice Mail Jr.
  • Free voicemail or numeric retrieval
  • FREE SHIPPING of your pager
  • 90 day warranty on pager

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